Why offer only via OBITS, you might ask?

Well, we need all early testers to have the necessary understanding of the future core technology used in VPLedger.

Since it’s using Bitshares financial services and products and Graphene Blockchain tech combined with the Virtual Machine technology of Ethereum we feel a proper early access via an asset like OBITS makes perfect sense.

OBITS was issued on BitShares network back in late 2015 and gives the Openledger supporters an early access option with benefits. With OBITS being an integrated part of the BitShares network it offers the entire BitShares community at large a unique opportunity, and this goes for anyone else as well taking on the opportunity to learn more about BitShares and it’s many unique features.

During this early access period with MVP features enabled it is to be considered a time for testing and preparing for global launch estimated to be January, 2019.

We invite all early testers, to try this one of a kind DLT solution at a special discount price of minimum 50% of the January global launch retail price!

OBITS can be used to buy subscriptions and top-ups that include Vimples (VPL), the global internal currency of the unique new DLT framework for financial operations.

Business made simple, with Vimple!

In October (more accurate date middle of September) 2019, maximum 14 490 unique verified entities, including both businesses and individuals, will gain Early Access (alpha stage) to VPLedger: the world’s first DLT framework for financial operations. VPLedger is a new kind of DLT: an ‘enterprise first’ permissioned blockchain designed specifically for business integration and with mandatory KYC as a condition of use. Once verified, however, users will have absolute freedom to enjoy all the benefits of blockchain technology — including real-time transactions, smart contracts, stablecoins and decentralised currency exchange.

The global launch (beta stage) of VPLedger is planned for kick-off in January 2020, to coincide with the new year: the traditional time for new beginnings and positive change

Check out the recently published pdf version of the technical whitepaper


Early access via OBITS

Starting October, all OBITS holders will gain access to VPLedger via a dedicated voucher called VIMPLE. From this date anyone can acquire VIMPLE with OBITS at a 50% discount on the EUR 1,000 retail price, paying just EUR 500 per unit in various currencies via the different OBITS markets i.e. BTS, bitCNY, EOS, BTC and ETH.

Pre-orders in OBITS on VIMPLE market can be placed at any time, and will be settled on the first day of Early Access.

Can’t wait — pre-order now!


Lifetime Membership subscription

VPLedger is a product of OpenLedger ApS, and the company will be offering a limited amount of maximum 14,490 ‘Early Access’ Lifetime Membership subscriptions for sale until Global launch. OpenLedger ApS will sell 50% of these (7,295 subscriptions on mainstream e-commerce platforms and AppStores, such as Amazon and iTunes, as well as on the OpenLedger website.

Meanwhile, the remaining 50% will be offered exclusively within the OpenLedger decentralised ecosystem in the form of a voucher named VIMPLE, which will be bought for OBITS. VIMPLE is then used to access VPLedger immediately via a withdraw option. VIMPLE cannot be traded, only used to access and/or sent to someone else interested in accessing VPLedger. Early Access vouchers to VPLedger offer users benefits such as a guaranteed 50% discount — and potentially up to 75% — on the retail price.

A 1000 EUR retail value at 1000 OBITS (first 3000 signups / 1000 OBITS is maximum 500 EUR, starting price, market to decide how much at the time of purchase of OBITS)

The price for VIMPLE vouchers will be EUR 1000 with a discount of 50% = EUR 500 — the market will determine how many OBITS this will be at the time of purchase. However, as a special gesture to OBITS holders and their community, the first 3,000 users will be able to purchase 1 VIMPLE at the fixed price of just 1,000 OBITS per subscription, whether pre-orders or regular orders. Vimple tokens (VPL) will have an initial buying value of EUR 1 within the VPLedger platform. FIRST COME — FIRST SERVED!

Pre-orders in OBITS on VIMPLE market can be placed at any time, and will be settled on the first day of Early Access.

Can’t wait — pre-order now!


For now, our memorandum (vision), technical whitepaper, business model and one pager (executive summary) is available to read.
For further details about what this VPL ‘Early Access’ Lifetime membership subscription contains, please read the following:

**VIP — Limited amount of signups available (maximum 14,490) on the basis of one verified identity, one account.
**VIP — Up to 75% discount, exclusive offer. To ensure best possible discount, buy your OBITS on the OBITS markets BTS, bitCNY, EOS, BTC and ETH
**VIP — 1,000 VPL SaaS tokens (1 VPL = 1 EUR value equivalent purchasing power on VPLedger platform) (upon signup and then withdrawal of VIMPLE to VPLedger, then Vimple will be released)
**VIP — Lifetime membership (Early Access users only). 60% cashback on VPL tokens spent, for life (i.e. lifetime residual income from referring new users and receiving up to 60% cashback of the funds they spend). (upon signup and then withdrawal of VIMPLE to VPLedger) NB! Worth mentioning that 60% cashback starts counting from any purchases performed after the first one.
**Reseller/affiliate option upon signed agreement, with up to 20% commission of all completed sales. (upon signup)
**Email with Digital Instruction Manual (upon signup and then withdrawal of VIMPLE to VPLedger)
**Invitation to sign up for free to first month of webinar membership (valid from 1 January 2020). (upon signup and then withdrawal of VIMPLE to VPLedger)
**End User License Agreement to be confirmed, read and agreed upon signup. (upon signup and then withdrawal of VIMPLE to VPLedger)

Ronny Boesing

Yours sincerely

Ronny Boesing / CEO

OpenLedger ApS